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Fall 2018 • Volume 5, Issue 5

> THE FIRST WORD: We Want You!
Too often, the problems we face are due to a lack of vision and collaboration
by Pahoua Hoffman

by Quinton Skinner

A bipartisan group of friends inspired by the legacy of late senator John Brandl grapple with society’s thorniest issues
by Amy Goetzman

> A GOOD DEBATE: Building a Better Ballot Box

  • Arguments & Cross-Exams:
    • > The More the Better
    • Ranked-choice voting makes elections more inclusive, competitive, and civil
    • By Jeanne Massey
    • > More Choices, More Confusion
    • The best way to encourage voter participation is to keep elections simple
    • By Chuck Repke
    • > Proof Positive
    • Given the risks of voter fraud and election interference, voter ID is needed now more than ever
    • By Amy Koch
    • > A Solution in Search of a Problem
    • Requiring a photo ID stands against the 14th and 15th Amendments absolute right to vote and defies the Voting Rights Act of 1964
    • By Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera

> CITIZENS SPEAK: Community Building
Thor Companies invests in the spirit of North Minneapolis
by Quinton Skinner

> CIVIC CELEBRATION: Five Questions for Richard Davis
by David Schimke


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