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Summer 2018 • Volume 1, Issue 4

> THE FIRST WORD: Moving Minnesota Forward
Too often, the problems we face are due to a lack of vision and collaboration
by Pahoua Hoffman

LEAGUE NOTES: Minimum Wage, Maximum Effort
by Quinton Skinner

The Civic Caucus goes beyond the headlines to provide the public with nonpartisan policy recommendations
by Quinton Skinner

> A GOOD DEBATE: Ground Control – The pros and cons of copper-nickel mining in northern Minnesota

CITIZENS SPEAK: Counting on the Numbers People
A tax buff and a budget guru come out of retirement to help St. Paul’s nonprofits and the city work together
by Amy Goetzman

AFFIRMATIVE & NEGATIVE: Our Patchwork Nation
Journalist Dante Chinni on the nation’s political differences, the divisive nature of easy ideological labels, and the need for nuanced data
by David Schimke

LEAGUE EVENTS: Moved to Speak
by Citizens League Staff

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