Citizens League’s Publications

The Voice

The Citizens League VOICE, a new magazine for members debuting in the fall of 2017, will stimulate quality conversation and meaningful debate by engaging Minnesotans of all backgrounds and ideologies with non-sensational journalism and fact-driven essays designed to explore the most effective policy solutions for today and tomorrow. Each quarterly issue features a thoughtful debate on a big policy issue, a message from the League’s Executive Director, updates on current work, recognition of engaged members, and segments on how our policy work is affecting real Minnesotans.

MN Journal

No longer in publication, the MN Journal was a periodical distributed to Citizens League members that communicated and advocated for the Citizens League’s policy work; informed members on important policy issues; and connected members to each other.

Policy Report Library

Since its founding in 1952, the Citizens League has convened people of different backgrounds, parties and ideologies, experts in certain fields, and stakeholders who are directly affected by a problem to find facts about the issue, investigate potential solutions, and find common ground to recommend a course of action. These reports, which span issues from the economy and fiscal policy, to education and transportation, reflect this work. Search our database of decades of reports, findings and recommendations.

Property Tax Studies

What drives property taxes? Where does a homeowner’s property tax go? From 2003 to 2008, we took a close look at the property taxes homeowners pay around the state. Read more about this project, and dive deep into the data we set out with the hope of helping Minnesotans understand how to make sense of all the numbers surrounding their property taxes.