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Minnesota has much ground to make up on housing, panelists say

“The Center for Rural Policy and Development and the Citizens League brought in housing leaders and lawmakers for the event on urban-rural housing challenges as part of the organizations’ ongoing “Interconnected” discussion series.”

– Mankato Free Press, 5/23/2024

Video interview: Jake Loesch, Executive Director of Citizens League

“Jake Loesch, Executive Director of the Citizens League, in his first appearance on ‘Access to Democracy’ joins host Steve Francisco to discuss how Citizens League promotes civic engagement on a broad range of important public policy issues.”

– Access to Democracy, 3/24/2024

St. Thomas Takes Steps to “Reduce the Rancor”

“Representatives from influential civic organizations, including the League of Women Voters, Citizens League, and Rotary, joined leaders from other Minnesota colleges and universities, such as the University of Minnesota, Macalester, St. John’s-St. Ben’s, and Northwestern. Religious leaders, including the Minnesota Council of Churches and the Episcopal Church of Minnesota, also highlighted the crucial role of reducing rancor in achieving their organizational missions.”

– UST News Room, 3/12/2024

TCB100: Jake Loesch

At a time of extreme national polarization, Jake Loesch is bringing Minnesotans together to grapple with public challenges and help them shape policy solutions.

– Twin Cities Business, 1/2024

St. Paul consultant helps 'solo seniors' deal with dilemmas of aging

“With support from the Bush Foundation and Citizens League, Camp has researched and spoken widely on the subject She has encouraged local organizations for older adults to form groups of solos to discuss specific issues, and offered guidance on matters to consider. But her focus is not on helping folks at the individual level; instead she seeks change on a systemic level.”

– Star Tribune, 1/24/2024

Panel: Worker shortage among the challenges of providing child care in Minnesota

“We (urban and rural) have so many commonalities,” said Julie Tesch, the president and CEO of the Center for Rural Policy & Development, which sponsored the webinar along with the Citizens League. “You hear all around about the rural-urban divide, and that may or may not be. But we do share so many issues together. We all want great child care, great schools, great health care, great transportation.”

– MinnPost, 1/18/2024

Commission suggests a re-thinking of traditional police roles in St. Paul

“Members of the Community-First Public Safety Commission also recommended that traffic stops be ceased, except for serious situations. The Citizens League, a St. Paul-based nonprofit that led the commission, suggested the city take a closer look at this issue.”

– Pioneer Press, 5/19/2021

St. Paul commission suggests new violence prevention office, end to pretext stops

“With members drawn from local government, community organizations, philanthropy, law enforcement and more, the commission met for five months.”

– StarTribune, 5/19/2021

News in 2020

48-member commission to study alternatives to police response for low-level disturbances : “The 48-member commission will work with staff from city departments and six county departments. The commission will convene for five months in a process led by the Citizens League and will provide recommendations to the mayor and city council in May 2021.” – Pioneer Press, 12/10/2020

48-member commission to study alternatives to St. Paul police response: “The nonpartisan, nonprofit Citizens League will lead the commission starting this month. The group will focus on alternative first-response options for the lowest-priority 911 calls, which include complaints about barking dogs, parking, loud parties, intoxicated individuals and disorderly people not threatening physical harm.” – Star Tribune, 12/10/2020

St. Paul Mayor Carter Announces 48-Member Commission To Recommend Alternatives To Police Response: “The 48 members cover a broad range of voices from public and private sectors, as well as education and nonprofit groups.” – WCCO News, 12/10/2020

Acooa Ellis and John Marshall to co-chair Saint Paul’s Community-First Public Safety Commission: “Ellis and Mitchell will meet with members over a five-month period in a process led by the Citizens League, providing recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in May 2021.” – Insight News, 11/23/2020

St. Paul Mayor Carter says he’ll name 40-member commission to ‘re-envision emergency response’: “The Citizens League will lead the process. The nonpartisan public policy organization previously studied how best to roll out a minimum wage increase in St. Paul and provided recommendations to the city.” – Pioneer Press, 11/17/2020

St. Paul Mayor Carter launches commission to rethink public safety:“Mayor Melvin Carter on Tuesday announced the launch of a Community-First Public Safety Commission that will be led by the nonprofit Citizens League.” – Star Tribune, 11/17/2020

St. Paul announces Community-First Public Safety Commission to envision changes to police response: “Independent of the city, led by the Citizens League, committee chairs hope this collaboration can help bring in different voices to come to the best conclusion for what the community needs to stay together, and stay safe.” – Fox 9 News, 11/17/2020

St. Paul now looking into alternatives to armed police on certain 911 calls: “The nonpartisan public policy organization Citizens League, which as previously aided with policy recommendations regarding how to best begin the approved minimum wage increase, will lead the process.”– Bring Me The News, 11/17/2020

St. Paul launches new way to fight crime in the city:“St. Paul city leaders are debuting the Community First Public Safety Commission.” – 830 WCCO, 11/17/2020

How can we work to improve the health care experience for Black mothers?:“The Citizens League recently held a virtual conversation as part of their Mind Opener series, which is sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. The event featured three experts who shared how racism in the health care system impacts maternal health outcomes for Black women and how everyone can work to create a more just and inclusive health system.” – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Blog, 10/19/2020

Citizens League names new executive director:“Cimino worked at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School for 13 years, most recently as the director of the Humphrey Policy Fellows program.” – Pioneer Press, 8/28/2020

St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation’s new senior VP of community impact looks forward to new challenges:“After six years with St. Paul think tank Citizens League, Pahoua Yang Hoffman is taking on a new, but familiar challenge working with non-profits.” – Pioneer Press, 4/25/2020

Pahoua Yang Hoffman joins Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation as senior vice president of community impact:“At the Citizens League, a nonprofit focused on empowering ordinary people and promoting good governance, Hoffman led efforts to place students of color in government and policy internships, reforming the Met Council and raising the minimum wage in St. Paul. She was the first woman and person of color to lead the Citizens League in its 68-year history.

In a web post about Hoffman’s departure, Citizens League Interim Board Chair Patrick Born wrote that the organization’s leaders and staffers are sad to see her go.

‘She has accomplished so much for the Citizens League,” he wrote. “Her intellect, poise, and leadership will be greatly missed.’”– Sahan Journal, 4/23/2020

Foro Reafirma Necesidad de Participacion y Confirma Los Beneficios del Censo 2020

Translation: Forum Reaffirms Need for Participation and Confirms the Benefits of the 2020 Census

“Co-organizado por CLUES y la organización Citizens League, el foro de este Viernes por la noche abordó con gran detalle muchos de los temas generales y preguntas mas frecuentes que la mayoría de las personas tenemos sobre el Censo.” 

Translation: Co-organized by CLUES and the Citizens League organization, this Friday night forum addressed in great detail many of the general issues and frequently asked questions that most people have about the Census. – El Minnesota de Hoy, 3/2/20

Preparing for the needs of an aging Minnesota:“As executive director of the Citizens League, Hoffman said, she works to help shape public policy to meet people’s needs. Noting that her employer understands when she needs time off to take her mother to medical appointments, Hoffman said she is talking with other Minnesota employers about adopting similar policies.” – The Catholic Spirit, 2/26/20

People in Policy: Pahoua Yang Hoffman:Video: Profile of Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Yang Hoffman – TPT Almanac at the Capitol, 2/19/20

Auggies Engaged in Public Policy:“Eight Augsburg students were accepted into the 2020 Capitol Pathways cohort. Since 2016, the Capitol Pathways program from the Citizens League places college students of color in paid internships with government offices, nonprofits, corporations, and law firms where they can gain experience and build relationships in and around the Capitol.” – Augsburg University, Strommen Center for Meaningful Work, 2/26/20

Lockridge Grindal Nauen Welcomes Amy Zhou and Abdulkadir Sharif to State Government Relations Team:“Abdulkadir A. Sharif is part of the Citizens League Capitol Pathways program and a senior at Augsburg University, studying Political Science and International Relations. He has specialized in public policy, international development, and conflict resolution. Mr. Sharif has participated in multiple leadership opportunities that have allowed him to gain a wide range of skills.” – Lockridge Grindal Nauen News & Events, 2/25/20

News in 2019

Commission responds to water concerns:“In response to concerns aired by Worthington residents at a Nov. 9 forum hosted by Citizens League, the Worthington Water and Light Commission discussed at its Monday meeting the questions that were raised about local water quality.” – Worthington Globe, 11/19/2019

Election reveals shift in suburban leadership:“Amanda Koonjbeharry, public policy director for the Citizens League, said that she believes millennials — those from their early 20s to late 30s — are particularly interested in running for office earlier than past candidates have been. ‘We are not falling into that narrative that we have to wait for our turn,’ she said. “We have a lot to learn but we also have a lot to give.’

“Such women are ‘feeling a sense of confidence because they are seeing representation now that look like them,’ said Pahoua Yang Hoffman, executive director of the Citizens League. ‘The community is also rallying around them.’” – Star Tribune, 11/19/2019

Worthington residents share drinking water concerns:“Citizens League director of public policy Amanda Koonjbeharry explained that Citizens League was commissioned by the Minnesota Department of Health to collect honest feedback from across the state. The information will inform the creation of a coalition to write a protection plan for drinking water sources.” – Worthington Globe, 11/11/2019

Citizens League honors Sharon Sayles Belton, David Durenberger:“’Despite different backgrounds and political parties, Mayor Sayles Belton and Senator Durenberger share a deep, long-standing commitment to finding common ground, developing a true civic culture, and advancing community-driven solutions to improve the lives of Minnesotans,’ said Pahoua Hoffman, Citizens League executive director. ‘Minnesota is the fortunate home to these two leaders, whose legacies have inspired countless others throughout the state.’” – Insight News, 10/22/2019

1969 Bus Strike: Twin Cities Mass Transit Turning Point:“Noting that annual ridership had plummeted from 201 million in 1946 to just 60 million in 1964, the Citizens League recommended the creation of a metropolitan transit commission with regulatory, planning, and other powers, saying that ‘provision for adequate transit no longer can be left to chance.’” – Steven Dornfeld, Minnesota History, a publication of the Minnesota Historical Society, Fall 2019

Tapping older workers is key to solving state’s workforce problem:“Older workers are vital to keeping Minnesota’s workforce strong, and can be part of the solution to our state’s workforce problem.” — Editorial by members of a citizens commission formed as part of a Courageous Conversations project led by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 10/18/2019.

Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Yang Hoffman was part of this commission.

Trump rally, aftermath show it’s going to be hard to hug our way out of this:“It’s hard to see how America is going to hug its way out of this one. A few blocks down Hennepin Avenue, they were trying.

“The nonprofit Citizens League held its annual Civic Celebration on Thursday night in downtown Minneapolis. They came to honor two Minnesotans who have spent decades working toward the common good from opposite ends of the political spectrum: former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton and former U.S. Sen. Dave Durenberger.” — Jennifer Brooks, Star Tribune Columnist, 10/12/2019

Audio: How to combat ageism in the workplace:Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Yang Hoffman sat on an MPR News panel to talk ageism in the workplace. Click to listen.

Minnesota needs independent policy ideas again:“I more or less stumbled on the Citizens League, where I worked for about four years. There, my first impressions met reality in the best possible way…Minnesota’s public-affairs ‘miracles’ frequently started via a network of general-purpose organizations whose sole mission was to analyze and recommend solutions to issues facing our state.” — Star Tribune Guest Editorial by Bill Blazar, retired senior vice president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, and longtime Citizens League member, 5/10/2019

Aime Bita Shares Her Experience as a Capitol Pathways Intern:“The Great Plains Institute has served as a host for the Capitol Pathways program since 2016. Capitol Pathways is a program of the Citizens League, which states that ‘With the long-term goal of making our government truly representative of our communities, this paid internship program opens access to the Minnesota State Capitol to the next generation of leaders of color.’”  — Great Plains Institute, 3/29/2019

Press Release: Capitol Pathways program places 34 Minnesota College students of color in paid internships at the Capitol:“The Citizens League has launched the fourth year of its Capitol Pathways program, placing 34 college students of color from around the state with 34 government offices, nonprofits, corporations, and law firms where they can gain experience and build relationships in and around the Capitol. With the long-term goal of making Minnesota’s government truly representative of its communities, this paid internship program opens access to policymaking in Minnesota to the next generation of leaders of color.”  — Citizens League Press Release, 2/6/2019

She’s Perfect for the LEAD:“In addition to her current work, service responsibilities and classes, Yaurincela Bonete is a Capitol Pathways intern through the Citizens League. In that role, she works for a lobbyist, scheduling appointments with legislators. On her first day she secured eight appointments out of a possible thirteen. She attributes her success to her networking skills. “You have to get to know the right people,” she said. — Hamline University News, 2/6/2019

Meet Pachia, our newest Capitol Pathways intern:“As our newest Capitol Pathways intern, Pachia is thrilled Fresh Energy actively works to advance equity work within the clean energy sector. She notes that most people in her local neighborhood simply don’t have access to solar panels and new electric vehicles. She’s hopeful one day this can change.”  — Fresh Energy News, 1/28/2019

People in Policy: Meet Cheniqua Johnson: David Gillette caught up with one of the original Capitol Pathways interns. “Cheniqua’s early-20s turned into a whirlwind of political experience.”  — TPT Almanac at the Capitol, 1/23/2019

Meet Maddie Schumacher:“Our Capitol Pathways intern is Maddie Schumacher. Maddie (pronouns: they/them) is a fourth-year American and Urban Studies major at Macalester College. They are working as the legislative assistant for MENTORMN, an organization devoted to supporting mentoring relationships for youth throughout the state.”  — MENTOR Minnesota News, January 2019

Press Release: Citizens League’s Recommendations Lead to Change in Met Council Nominating Process: “The Metropolitan Council’s core functions remain critical to the current and future success of Minnesota,” said Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman. “Our task force found key areas of improvement that will make the Council’s work more credible and impactful. We welcome these improvements to the nominating process that were borne out of the task force’s recommendations, and I am happy to be part of the committee.”  — Citizens League Press Release, 1/16/2019

News in 2018

An interview with St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter after his first year in office: “There was a moment where we felt like every time we thought we were done, there was another detail that we had to figure out. We did that thinking process together. We did it publicly through the Citizens League task force, we did it publicly through a series of public engagement events.” — Pioneer Press, 12/31/2018

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter signs $15 minimum wage ordinance into law: “To support the development of St. Paul’s $15 minimum wage ordinance, the Citizens League conducted a two-phase process that resulted in a set of recommendations to the City. This process started in the fall of 2017 and was completed in August 2018.” — Insight News, 11/19/2018

Editorial: Count the consequences, good and bad alike: “The Citizens League project this year to explore the matter, impressive if not perfect, went a long way toward making sure that opposing concerns at least were on the table. Along with the honest interest of city officials, it produced a more deliberate, more rational, more informed approach to concerns that didn’t fit the ideological narrative — and thus produced a tempered, more reasonable ordinance.” — Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 11/18/2018

St. Paul passes landmark minimum wage law: “A report drafted by the Citizens League outlined some concerns surrounding the new ordinance. ” — Tommie Media, 11/16/2018

St. Paul City Council passes $15 minimum wage, and mayor signs it: “Over the summer, the Citizens League led a minimum wage study committee and released a final report that recommended the City Council approve a $15 minimum wage.” — Star Tribune, 11/14/2018

St. Paul mayor signs $15 minimum wage into law. A growing number of cities are doing this. — Pioneer Press, 11/14/2018

Some wiping away tears, 992 of Minnesota’s newest citizens take their Oath of Allegiance: “Angelica Klebsch, a spokeswoman for the Citizen’s League, gave the group a pep talk. ‘You’re coming at an intense time in the United States,’ she said, calling the nation ‘politically charged.’ She urged them to get involved.”— Pioneer Press, 11/13/2018

The best way to a $15 minimum wage for St. Paul: “Like Minneapolis, St. Paul plans to raise the wage incrementally and the city council asked the Citizens League to conduct a study about the best way to go about it.” — Interview with B Kyle, co-chair of the Citizens League’s Minimum Wage Study Committee, and president of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, MPRNews, 9/20/2018

Restaurant workers hold competing rallies over counting tips in minimum-wage plan: “At the request of the St. Paul City Council, the non-partisan Citizens League convened a 14-week study committee that drew up three ways the city could approach a citywide $15 minimum wage, rolled out within four-to-seven years.” — PioneerPress, 9/17/2018

‘Tip credit’ or flat rate? Minimum wage debate continues in St. Paul: “[Including a tip credit is] one of the options included, at least temporarily, among the recommendations in a report issued earlier this month by the St. Paul-based Citizens League. Other options are so-called ‘one wage’ alternatives that would cover both tipped and non-tipped employees, phased in over a varying number of years.” — MPRNews, 9/17/2018

What we know — and don’t know — about a $15 minimum wage ordinance for St. Paul: “The [minimum wage] report includes three different ways St. Paul officials could move forward raising the city’s minimum wage, and Citizens League representatives presented them to the St. Paul City Council for the first time this week.” — MinnPost, 9/14/2018

St. Paul officials hammering out details on $15 minimum wage proposal: “Last week, the nonpartisan Citizens League released a 446-page report that had been commissioned by the St. Paul Foundation. It concludes that base pay in the city should be $15 an hour indexed to inflation, and that the minimum should phased in over four to seven years. ” — MPRNews, 9/13/2018

St. Paul City Council hears passionate public comments on proposed $15 minimum wage: “At the request of the council, the Citizens League recently published a report outlining three ways St. Paul could implement a $15 minimum wage citywide, for businesses of all sizes, within seven years or less. ” — Pioneer Press, 9/12/2018

St. Paul Council, Community Members to Weigh In on Minimum Wage Hike: “Non-profit organization Citizens League has developed three recommendations for how the city can raise the minimum wage.” — KSTP, 9/12/2018

St. Paul private colleges fret over $15 minimum wage for work-study students: “Students employed in work-study jobs work about 7.5 hours a week and earn an average wage of about $10.40 an hour, according to a recent report on the wage issue by the Citizens League.” — Star Tribune, 9/12/2018

St. Paul has New Recommendations on Raising Minimum Wage: “The Citizens League put together a 21-member committee, with a diverse group of business and community leaders, which prepared a lengthy report for the City Council to now consider.” — KSTP, 9/11/2018

3 options in play for St. Paul employers to get to $15 minimum wage: “At the request of the St. Paul City Council, the Citizens League recently completed a report outlining how the city might implement a $15 minimum wage.” — Pioneer Press, 9/10/2018

Editorial: Great report. Exhibit A for why the city shouldn’t set wages: “The Citizens League and this committee did useful and good work. They, the foundations that supported them and the city deserve credit for recognizing the potential for unintended ill effects.” — Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 9/9/2018

Citizens League report recommends St. Paul adopt a $15 minimum wage: “The St. Paul Minimum Wage Study Committee, led by the nonpartisan Citizens League, is suggesting three options to achieve a $15 minimum wage within seven years.” — StarTribune, 9/7/2018

Citizens League outlines three $15 minimum wage scenarios for St. Paul, with and without tip credits: “After 14 weeks of study, the Citizens League has released a series of recommendations that spell out three different ways the city of St. Paul could institute a $15 minimum wage ” — Pioneer Press, 8/31/2018

B Kyle: St. Paul’s $15-minimum-wage committee was full of surprises: “The Citizens League process somehow felt more democratic because all voices were heard, no matter how quiet, no matter how distinct, and those positions were valued and acknowledged. Don’t get me wrong – a lot of us disagreed with a lot of what others were saying; but that was OK. I appreciated that, too..” — Pioneer Press Commentary, 8/19/2018

Immigrant workers, business owners say $15 an hour could make all the difference — for better or worse: “A task force assembled by the Citizen’s League is studying wide-ranging recommendations around how quickly to raise wages and what, if any, businesses to exempt.” — Pioneer Press, 7/21/2018

Citizens League to honor Richard Davis at 2018 Civic Celebration: “Richard Davis embodies the values of civic leadership that the Citizens League promotes as an organization.” — Citizens League Press Release, 7/17/2018

Squaring off over freeway protests: “The [Rep. John] Lesch-[Rep. Nick] Zerwas debate was the first in what [David] Schimke hopes will be a series of Citizens League debates patterned after his magazine’s “A Good Debate” section. “We want to use format to make people think about new ideas,” Schimke said.” — Minnesota Lawyer, 7/2/2018

Momentum builds for $15 minimum wage in St. Paul: “The nonpartisan Citizens League, which the St. Paul Foundation brought on to study the potential effects of a citywide minimum wage, has convened a committee to discuss what the minimum wage should be, if any exemptions should be made, how tipped workers will be affected and how the increase should be phased in. They’re expected to make recommendations to the city by the end of the summer.” — Star Tribune, 6/28/2018

Interview with Inonge Mubita, 2018 Capital Pathways intern: “For the third year in a row, Fresh Energy served as a host organization during the past legislative session for the Capitol Pathways program. With the long-term goal of making Minnesota’s government truly representative of our communities, the program opens access to the state capitol to the next generation of leaders of color. Fresh Energy is proud to have been involved with Capitol Pathways as a host since the program was created in 2016.” — Fresh Energy, 6/20/2018

Interview with St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter: “We’ve embarked upon a pretty heavy community-engagement process around [a minimum wage] policy, with the Citizens League. I’m excited to help develop that policy in partnership with our city council, in partnership with the Citizens League, in partnership with folks who are on that task force, and all the people who plug into that task force process. We have a lot of questions to figure out, and that task force is tasked with coming up with a set of recommendations around that.” — MPRNews, 6/12/2018 (statement at the 40:00 mark)

Should St. Paul Raise Its Minimum Wage?: “‘This is definitely a work in progress,’ said Angelica Klebsch, the police director of the Citizens League. ‘The city is being very particular about how it writes this ordinance so there aren’t as many unintended consequences as other cities might have seen.’ — WCCO News, 6/7/2018

Public can weigh in on St. Paul minimum wage this summer: “At public input sessions this summer, the Citizens League, a nonpartisan group studying a minimum-wage increase in St. Paul, will collect data and solicit feedback on the second half of its report to the city. Part 1 was presented to the City Council in February.” — Star Tribune, 5/29/2018

St. Paul Parks and Rec would be hit hardest by $15-an-hour minimum“The city recently asked the Citizens League to study the impact of a potential citywide minimum wage increase on St. Paul employers.” — Pioneer Press, 5/21/2018

In first State of City address, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter talks wages, police, gun violence: ”Together, the mayor and the council will determine how best to increase the citywide minimum wage based in part on recommendations from the Citizens League, which will be compiled this summer with the help of a committee of workers, business owners and civic leaders.” — Pioneer Press, 5/19/2018

Council member representing the most small businesses is torn over $15-an-hour minimum: “I really trust the Citizens League process. They are uniformly well respected. They did their due diligence in phase one just to design the study. I’m pleased with the Citizens League process.” — Pioneer Press, 5/19/2018

Edina approves steps to address ‘long-term racial inequities’: “Edina’s Race and Equity initiative was comprised of 30 community members, eight of whom were on the task force, according to the report. Conversations were facilitated through the Citizens League, though the policymaking nonprofit did not contribute to the recommendations.” — Star Tribune, 5/15/2018

League embarks on in-depth study of minimum wage hike: “Committee members were selected by the Citizens League to represent a wide array of perspectives on the wage issue.” — Villager, 5/9/2018

Commentary: It’s time for an accountable Metropolitan Council: “Look no further for a history of today’s Metropolitan Council, and the now 51-year-old controversy that threatens its mission, than these two sentences and the words “elected by popular vote.” They’re on page three of a Feb. 9, 1967 Citizen’s League report recommending the Minnesota Legislature create a governing body to bring order to an emerging metropolitan community. ” — Prior Lake American, 5/12/2018

St. Paul asks Citizens League to complete second study on $15 minimum wage: “The Citizens League completed an initial report in February that included an overview of literature and studies related to minimum wage increases, as well as interviews with St. Paul workers and business owners. ” — Pioneer Press, 4/26/2018

Why, amid the push for higher minimum wages, talking about a ‘benefits cliff’ has become so controversial: “On Wednesday, the council likely will approve a second phase of the Citizens League work, which will include economic analysis of St. Paul and the appointment of a committee to consider key questions about implementing a new wage, questions around timing, phasing, and whether a tip credit should be included. According to [Pahoua] Hoffman, it will also include analysis of the impacts on public assistance benefits.” — MinnPost, 4/25/2018

Video: Catching up with Capitol Pathways alum Adrian Benjamin: TPT Almanac’s David Gillette caught up with Capitol Pathways 2016 alum Adrian Benjamin, now a Legislative Assistant with the Minnesota House DFL caucus. Adrian credits Capitol Pathways in broadening his networks and opening doors that led to opportunities in state government. Click to watch the video segment.

Discovering Ambiguity: Profile of Pahoua Hoffman & Citizens League: “The work of the Citizens League goes beyond highlighting the agency of each individual. It’s about creating a sense of ownership, a sense that we each have a responsibility and vested interest in bettering the world and environment in which we live.” — The Idealect, 4/15/2018

Great Plains Institute: Capitol Pathways Intern at GPI: “The Great Plains Institute (GPI) is thrilled to again serve as a host organization for the Capitol Pathways internship program. Organized by the Citizens League, the program “opens access to the Minnesota Capitol to the next generation of leaders of color.” The long-term goal is to make government truly representative of the communities it serves.” — Great Plains Institute, 4/9/2018

Found in Translation: Fireside Chat with Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman: “As the newly appointed executive director of the Citizens League — a nonpartisan organization that engages Minnesotans of all ideologies in policymaking — Pahoua reflects back at her time as a translator and sees strong parallels to her new role: taking what she knows and helping people make their own decisions, just as she did for her parents years ago.” — Your Studio/E, 2/26/2018

Solving Community Issues Requires Community Voice: “In 2017, we commissioned a report by the Citizens League – Gathering Community Input on a Possible Minimum Wage Increase in St. Paul. What we appreciate about the Citizens League is that the organization brings together people with a variety of perspectives and points of view in a safe place where they can have a real conversation. When trying to solve community issues, positive discourse is necessary.” — The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations, 2/23/2018

In report on effects of St. Paul minimum-wage hike, echoes of Minneapolis debate: “[Citizens League] report was based not just on statistics but on listening sessions and interviews conducted by league staff with workers and employers, unions and industry associations, nonprofits and advocacy organizations. ” — MinnPost, 2/22/2018

St. Paul City Council hears first report on minimum wage hike: “About 50 people attended the first of what will likely be many meetings on the minimum wage issue Wednesday, as council members heard a report on potential effects of a wage hike from the nonpartisan Citizens League.” — Star Tribune, 2/21/2018

‘$15 Now’ advocates rally after report presented to St. Paul council: “Would a hefty increase to St. Paul’s minimum wage help lift her out poverty, or reduce her hours? Would an increase to her income mean she no longer qualifies for certain public assistance programs? At the request of the St. Paul Foundation, the nonpartisan Citizens League spent two months exploring those topics and others. [Executive Director Pahoua Yang] Hoffman presented a compilation of studies to the [Saint Paul City] council Wednesday, setting the stage for a nuanced discussion about likely changes to St. Paul’s minimum-wage policies.” — Pioneer Press, 2/21/2018

New report on minimum wage in St. Paul lays out the stakes: “As city officials contemplate if and how to raise the minimum wage, a new report from the Citizen’s League compiles key studies on the issue. The St. Paul Foundation commissioned the non-partisan league to gather existing information about how increases to the minimum wage might impact small and large business owners, nonprofits, youth workers and start-up operations.” — Pioneer Press, 2/19/2018

These kids are earning while they learn. Should they get $15 an hour?: “Through the St. Paul Foundation, the city of St. Paul has asked the nonpartisan Citizens League to study the impact of a potential minimum wage increase on employers, workers and the tax base as well as nonprofits.” — Pioneer Press, 2/16/2018

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter walks into $15 minimum wage battle: “B Kyle, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, said she’s reserving judgment until people have a chance to react to the Citizens League report. ‘I think St. Paul needs to have lots more opportunities for people who disagree to have hard conversations, and still come together to have them,’ she said.” — Star Tribune, 2/3/2018

In Edina, claims of racism bring action: “The [Edina] City Council subsequently launched a Race and Equity Initiative to reach out to residents, workers and visitors to get their take on race in Edina…The initiative is made up of about 30 volunteers who live or work in Edina, including city employees, school board members and police officers. They are represented by a task force and guided by the Citizens League, a St. Paul-based policymaking nonprofit.” — Star Tribune, 1/21/2018

Good policymaking still has a chance — at the state level  Star Tribune Commentary, 1/19/2018

Why St. Paul’s minimum wage ordinance is probably gonna look a whole lot like Minneapolis’ minimum wage ordinance: “[E]veryone involved appears ready to let the process play out over the coming months…Part of that includes what is being called a “scoping project,” which is being done by the Citizens League and paid for by the St. Paul Foundation, and involves doing research and talking to people in the community as a precursor to a broader effort around the issue.” — MinnPost, 1/19/2018

Editorial: In praise of intelligent decision-making — and the Citizens League: The Citizens League is serving us well in these polarized times — when strong civic infrastructure is a particular plus. — Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 1/17/2018

News in 2017

Editorial: A deep breath on the minimum wage in St. Paul — Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 12/17/2017

St. Paul can do better than Minneapolis on minimum wage question — Star Tribune Editorial Board, 11/30/2017

Minimum wage debate takes off in St. Paul, with next mayor promising $15 — Star Tribune, 11/25/2017

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