St. Paul Minimum Wage Project
Bringing the community together to identify key questions related to a potential minimum wage increase in St. Paul.

This scoping project regarding potential changes to the minimum wage in Saint Paul involves interviews and research with a diverse group of stakeholders. This pre-work could lead to larger potential effort in 2018 to answer these questions and propose an implementation plan for Saint Paul. At this time, Citizens League has only been retained to work on this scoping pre-phase that will conclude by February 2018

The Citizens League hopes to achieve three goals within this phase:

1. Identify key questions. What are the critical questions that would need to be answered related to implementing a minimum wage increase in Saint Paul? What are the key questions that each of the important stakeholder groups needs answered

2. Assess data and research availability. What data and research currently exist to support an implementation study, and what is the potential for new research (cost, timeliness, etc.) that is Saint Paul specific?

3. Identify stakeholders. Who are the key stakeholders that would need to be part of a larger effort in 2018 to help answer these questions? How do we make sure the appropriate voices are included so that the effort and resulting recommendations are seen as credible?

The presumption is that this background pre-work would be prepared for all stakeholders who would be part of developing a strategy for implementing a potential minimum wage increase: City Council, businesses, residents, workers in Saint Paul, etc. Depending on the outcome of the pre-work, a task force could be assembled in 2018 to begin to provide answers to these questions.

This scoping project, funded by the Saint Paul Foundation, is completely independent of the City of St. Paul.

Do you have feedback for us as we work on this pre-phase? Submit your feedback through this anonymous online tool: — Survey is now closed.

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