Saint Paul Minimum Wage Study Committee: News & Media

The following articles and online posts surrounding the minimum wage are not endorsed nor approved by the study committee. They are posted here  simply to provide context surrounding the committee’s work. Because the committee’s work has come to a close, and the City of Saint Paul has enacted a minimum wage ordinance, this page is no longer updated as of 11/19/2018.

Editorial: Count the consequences, good and bad alike Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 11/19/2018

St. Paul passes landmark minimum wage law — Tommie Media, 11/16/2018

St. Paul City Council passes $15 minimum wage, and mayor signs it — Star Tribune, 11/14/2018

St. Paul mayor signs $15 minimum wage into law. A growing number of cities are doing this. Pioneer Press, 11/14/2018

The best way to a $15 minimum wage for St. Paul — MPRNews, 9/20/2018

Minimum Wage, Tip Credit Debate Heats Up In St. Paul WCCO, 9/17/2018

Restaurant workers hold competing rallies over counting tips in minimum-wage plan — Pioneer Press, 9/17/2018

St. Paul divided over how tipping should affect $15 minimum wage — Fox9News, 9/17/2018

‘Tip credit’ or flat rate? Minimum wage debate continues in St. Paul — MPRNews, 9/17/2018

What we know — and don’t know — about a $15 minimum wage ordinance for St. Paul — MinnPost, 9/14/2018

St. Paul officials hammering out details on $15 minimum wage proposal — MPRNews, 9/13/2018

St. Paul City Council hears passionate public comments on proposed $15 minimum wage — Pioneer Press, 9/12/2018

St. Paul Council, Community Members to Weigh In on Minimum Wage Hike — KSTP, 9/12/2018

St. Paul private colleges fret over $15 minimum wage for work-study students — Star Tribune, 9/12/2018

St. Paul has New Recommendations on Raising Minimum Wage — KSTP, 9/11/2018

Citizens League outlines three $15 minimum wage scenarios for St. Paul, with and without tip credits — Pioneer Press, 8/31/2018

New Report Shows Need for St. Paul to Address Poverty Wages — Workday Minnesota, 8/30/2018

St. Paul’s $15-minimum-wage committee was full of surprises — Pioneer Press commentary by study committee co-chair B Kyle, 8/19/2018

St. Paul Seeks Feedback On Minimum Wage Increase — WCCO, 8/4/2018

In St. Paul’s $15 wage debate, advocates and critics alike cite studies. But what do they say? — Pioneer Press, 7/28/2018

Counterpoint: Progressive policies in Minnesota are working for workers — Star Tribune, 7/25/2018

McDonald’s to pay $20,000 for violating Minneapolis minimum wage law —  Star Tribune, 7/25/2018

Immigrant workers, business owners say $15 an hour could make all the difference — for better or worse — Pioneer Press, 7/21/2018

Commentary: Higher minimum wage in Minnesota hurts those it’s supposed to help — Star Tribune, 7/20/2018

Nine business owners give their thoughts on a $15 minimum wage in St. Paul — Pioneer Press, 7/7/2018

Minimum Wage Goes Up In Minneapolis — WCCO, 7/2/2018

Minimum wage increases in Minneapolis —, 7/1/2018

Lowest-paid workers get a raise in Minneapolis on Sunday — Star Tribune, 6/29/2018

Momentum builds for $15 minimum wage in St. Paul — Star Tribune, 6/28/2018

Minimum Wage Study Committee: Week 6 Recap — Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Blog, 6/19/2018

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter Interview— MPRNews, 6/12/2018 (Minimum Wage statement around 40:00)

Minimum Wage Study Committee: Week 5 Recap — Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Blog, 6/12/2018

Public input sessions begin on St. Paul’s $15 minimum wage proposal — Fox9, 6/7/2108

St. Paul Asking for Input on Possible Minimum Wage Increase — KSTP, 6/7/2018

Should St. Paul Raise Its Minimum Wage? — WCCO, 6/7/2018

Twin Cities restaurant owners, employees prepare for minimum wage hikes — Minnesota Watchdog, 6/7/2018

Minimum Wage Study Committee: Week 4 Recap — Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Blog, 6/5/2018

Alison Diffendal: Support a higher minimum wage irrespective of tips —Pioneer Press (Opinion), 5/31/2018

St. Paul schedules four community discussions on a possible minimum-wage increase — Pioneer Press, 5/29/2018

Minimum Wage Study Committee: Week 3 Recap — Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Blog, 5/29/2018

Public can weigh in on St. Paul minimum wage this summer — Star Tribune, 5/29/2018

Student groups push for $15 minimum wage on campus — Minnesota Daily, 5/29/2018

For chefs and servers, minimum wage hike changes tipping — Star Tribune, 5/27/2018

Minimum Wage Study Committee: Week 2 Recap — Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Blog, 5/22/2018

St. Paul Parks and Rec would be hit hardest by $15-an-hour minimum — Pioneer Press, 5/21/2018

In first State of City address, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter talks wages, police, gun violence — Pioneer Press, 5/19/2018

Council member representing the most small businesses is torn over $15-an-hour minimum — Pioneer Press, 5/19/2018

House supplemental budget bill would create statewide ‘tip credit’ in Minnesota — MinnPost, 5/18/2018

Unintended consequences of $15 an hour in St. Paul — Metro State Metropolitan, 5/18/2018

League embarks on in-depth study of minimum wage hike — Villager, 5/9/2018 (pdf)

St. Paul asks Citizens League to complete second study on $15 minimum wage — Pioneer Press, 4/26/2018

Why, amid the push for higher minimum wages, talking about a ‘benefits cliff’ has become so controversial — MinnPost, 4/25/2018

Solving Community Issues Requires Community Voice — The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations, 2/23/2018

In report on effects of St. Paul minimum-wage hike, echoes of Minneapolis debate — MinnPost, 2/22/2018

St. Paul City Council hears first report on minimum wage hike — Star Tribune, 2/21/2018

‘$15 Now’ advocates rally after report presented to St. Paul council — Pioneer Press, 2/21/2018

New report on minimum wage in St. Paul lays out the stakes — Pioneer Press, 2/19/2018

These kids are earning while they learn. Should they get $15 an hour? — Pioneer Press, 2/16/2018

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter walks into $15 minimum wage battle — Star Tribune, 2/3/2018

Why St. Paul’s minimum wage ordinance is probably gonna look a whole lot like Minneapolis’ minimum wage ordinance — MinnPost, 1/19/2018

Editorial: A deep breath on the minimum wage in St. Paul — Pioneer Press Editorial Board, 12/17/2017

St. Paul can do better than Minneapolis on minimum wage question — Star Tribune Editorial Board, 11/30/2017

Minimum wage debate takes off in St. Paul, with next mayor promising $15— Star Tribune, 11/25/2017