Driving Policy To Advance Minnesota


Past work:

  • Our Driving Blind report from 2005 calls for more choices and transparent funding mechanisms for a transportation system that is sustainable and responds to user choices. This includes “free flow pricing” (like MN PASS lanes), better choices for transit, and options like e-commuting and flexible work schedules that allow drivers to stay off the road during congested times. The Citizens League played a central role in bringing federal Urban Partnership Agreement funding to implement these elements in the Twin Cities and start a regional approach to pricing solo driving based on the existing footprint of our road system. This report also helped inform our opposition to increasing the limit on the size and weight of trucks traveling our roadways in Minnesota.
  • Gained legislative approval for further efforts to evaluate and propose alternate forms of financing transportation projects that are based on benefits received by landowners, ensuring that various methods of “value capture” are applied to road projects as well as transit projects.
  • Minnesota keeps 8.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air each year because of the eWorkplace Telecommuting Initiative, a direct result of the work Citizens League members put into our 2006 “Driving Blind” report.
  • Minnesota GO: Engaging Minnesotans to help prioritize our transportation plan and long-term visioning for MNDOT.

All previous position statements and reports from the last 60+ years can be found in our policy report library.

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