Driving Policy To Advance Minnesota

Health And Medical Care

Current work:

  • We propose to reform Medicaid to include a co-insurance option to remove disincentives for personal responsibility (inactive).

Previous work:

  • Transformed mental health payment and service delivery system by convening the Minnesota Mental Health Action Group (MMHAG) from 2003-2007, which culminated in the most comprehensive mental health legislation and funding reform in two decades and thousands of Minnesota children annually getting the mental health services they need.
  • Two million Minnesotans with chronic health conditions and disabilities receive better, more comprehensive care in certified health care homes because our members led the way in establishing the Health Care Transformation Task Force from 2007-2008.
  • Led Citizen Solutions on Health Reform in an effort to engage citizens and businesses around Minnesota in defining values and priorities for health reform in our state and to provide input to the Governor’s Task Force on Health Care Reform.
  • Helped establish MinnesotaCare and public insurance for the working poor.
  • Honoring Choices MN: A partnership with TPT and TC Medical Society to bring about important end-of-life conversations.

All previous position statements and reports from the last 60+ years can be found in our policy report library.

Want to be a part of our current work or have an issue that you think Citizens League members and partners should take on? Send any questions and ideas to Pahoua Hoffman at [email protected].