Driving Policy To Advance Minnesota

Land And Resource Use

Citizens League has a long history of crafting common ground solutions for the common good with regard to land and resource use in Minnesota. Examples can be seen through our advocacy efforts for the establishment of the Hennepin County Park System in the 1950’s, to regional governance for metro area planning and services like waste water treatment, and our work on electrical energy efficiency.

Current work:

  • Electrical Energy Phase III: Developing a performance based regulatory model for investor-owned utilities to promote greater system-wide efficiency.
  • New model for water governance: working to build a more collaborative model of water governance based on the recommendations of our 2009 report, To the Source. To address today’s biggest water policy challenges, we need to recognize the roles of those who contribute to water problems — individual citizens, farmers, businesses, and other organizations — to likewise contribute to solutions.
  • Creating a Check My Lake water app for smartphones in partnership with Conservation MN to enable people to get more up-to-date and transparent information about their lakes.

All previous position statements and reports from the last 60+ years can be found in our policy report library.

Want to be a part of our current work or have an issue that you think Citizens League members and partners should take on? Send any questions and ideas to Pahoua Hoffman at [email protected]