Driving Policy To Advance Minnesota

General Welfare

Current work:

  • Poverty in Minnesota is a Catch-22: What you need most is what you don’t have — money and connections — and the legal pathways to get more money and connections force you to lose more resources than you gain through increased earnings. We’re currently working with community partners to establish Family Independence Pilots and remove barriers to prosperity.
  • A set of new financial products that are structured to help people prepare and save: If “personal responsibility” is to be truly “personal,” there must be a variety of financial products to meet different situations and interests, so the recommendations include prize-rewarded savings, new insurance products, and a new financial product that can tap into home equity.
  • Better public information through the development of a collaborative, objective website and through working with employers to include discussions of long-term care in their annual benefits enrollment activities.

All previous position statements and reports from the last 60+ years can be found in our policy report library.

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