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The Citizens League is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that empowers people to engage in civic life and public policy to make Minnesota a better place to live and work for everyone.

Recent News

Farewell, Blanca!

Farewell, Blanca!

Our outstandingly talented Director of Public Policy, Blanca Martinez Gaviña, has announced that she is moving on.

Now recruiting Capitol Pathways students

Now recruiting Capitol Pathways students

We are gearing up for another year of Capitol Pathways! College students can now apply to be a part of our spring internship program for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Welcome, Maddie!

Welcome, Maddie!

Maddie will be an integral part of our collaborative and supportive six-member team, helping us sustain and grow the relationships with our donors, supporters, and project partners.

Current Work

Interconnected: Rural-Urban Conversations

This conversation series – hosted by the Center for Rural Policy and Development and the Citizens League – bridges the divide between urban & rural Minnesota by exploring our shared challenges and how to design a future that works for our unique communities. All discussions are recorded and can be listened to and viewed online.

Capitol Pathways

With the long-term goal of making our government truly representative of our communities, the program opens access to the Minnesota Capitol to the next generation of leaders of color. Through this program, interns build relationships with established Capitol leaders, gain exposure to various kinds of careers in policy, get real-world experience in career fields they would like to learn more about and build a strong professional resume in the process.

Serving in Local Elected Office

Throughout the summer and fall of 2022, we sought out perspectives of those who have been asked to serve, those currently serving, and those running for local office in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Learn about what we heard.


The Citizens League hosts forums for civil discussion across Minnesota. Our event series includes events that are open to the public, member-only and workplace events to help inform and engage Minnesotans on important policy and civic leadership discussions.

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