The Citizens League is providing its team with a paid day off from work to engage in Election Day activities such as voting, assisting others with voting, participating in Get Out the Vote activities, volunteering as part of the election process, or providing child care while others vote.

Participation in the voting process is fundamental to a healthy democracy, and is one of the core civil liberties we must uphold in our communities nationwide. We are proud of Minnesota’s record of nation-leading voter turnout, and we strive to help strengthen and grow this essential piece of democratic engagement.

The Citizens League encourages employers to explore ways they can boost voter engagement among their employees. We also support our community leaders and elected officials as they seek ways to increase participation in the electoral process.

For more information on where, when and how to vote in Minnesota, please visit:

Want to learn more? Check out the Citizens League’s recent Q&A with Secretary of State Steve Simon on the different methods to vote, and what election officials are doing to keep voting safe and secure this year.