Earlier this year, the Citizens League published the findings of a scoping project regarding potential changes to the minimum wage in St. Paul. Commissioned by the Saint Paul Foundation, we began our work in November of 2017, identifying key questions, assessing data and research, and identifying key stakeholders surrounding this potential effort in St. Paul.

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With the scoping project completed, the City of Saint Paul is interested in having the Citizens League lead an independent study committee to answer the key questions that were identified, given the city’s intentions to pass a minimum wage ordinance.

The study committee, whose members will be selected by the Citizens League, will represent different perspectives on this issue. Their charge will be to review the previous Phase 1 work, review other relevant research, agree on findings and conclusions from this effort, and finally, develop and put forward recommendations for a minimum wage ordinance to the City.

In addition to recruiting a diversity of perspectives on the minimum wage and representatives of the community from a variety of backgrounds, the Citizens League seeks to recruit two of its own members to serve on the committee. We will evaluate submissions and choose candidates by Monday, April 30th. (Not a Citizens League member, or need to renew? Contribute online today.)

The committee will convene regularly from May through August, with a final report delivered by August 31, 2018. Meeting times and locations are yet to be determined. The process will use the Citizens League’s staged approach: discovery, development, and recommendations.

The list of committee members will be published upon finalization, meetings will be open to observance by the public, and meeting minutes will be recorded and published on a regular basis.

The interest form is now closed.

If you’d like to learn more about our project, and committee involvement, please contact us at [email protected].