Metro Transit
Safety Conversation

The Metropolitan Council has selected the Citizens League to help in a first phase of a larger project by facilitating a regional safety conversation – for customers, transit operators, business owners, employees, our neighbors near transit stops and stations, community leaders, and members of the broader regional community.

Final Report: Metro Transit Safety Conversation

This conversation to provide community insight on transit safety will deeply engage community around questions of safety and impact on the community of interactions on and near the region’s transit system. This conversation will begin with deep, intentional community engagement, to understand what safety means for different people and how that might affect future enforcement and community relations.

During this first phase, the Citizens League will begin the process of community engagement to understand what safety means and the impact on the community of interactions on and near the region’s transit system for every community served by Metro Transit. The Citizens League will play the role of convener during this phase, and will not play a role at this time in assessing the Met Council’s recommendations or implementation of potential policies regarding this input. The League’s contribution to this project is in the process of conducting the community engagement activities that will lead to the community-informed policy recommendations.

The Citizens League is a trusted community resource that has been engaging communities and solving problems by bringing diverse perspectives together. Since 1952, our approach to problem solving starts with a non-partisan look at the facts; involves people and communities directly affected by the problem; and makes sure people with various experiences, backgrounds, parties and ideologies are at the table. Over several decades, this proven method makes Minnesota a better place to live and work for everyone.

Leading this first phase for the Met Council is our Director of Public Policy, Amanda Koonjbeharry, who will work in partnership with Marika Pfefferkorn of the Twin Cities Innovation Alliance.

Learn more about this project, including timeline and how you can engage, from the Met Council at