Richard Davis has been integral to the very fabric of our communities and state. He’s a bright, shining example of civic engagement, using his skills and passion to further the betterment of the community. — Cyndi Lesher, Citizens League Board...


Richard Davis stands for so many great things: community involvement, mentorship to the next generation and responsibility to those around you. Our annual event celebrates and highlights that kind of leadership. — Pahoua Hoffman, Citizens League Executive...

Twin Cities Business

U.S. Bancorp’s CEO has vaulted his company to the front of its industry while remaining a vital member of the greater Twin Cities community, and that’s why he is our Person of the Year. — Twin Cities Business, 2016

Star Tribune, 2017

As chair of U.S. Bancorp, Davis became a latter-day exemplar of the civic-minded leadership Minnesotans came to expect from top business executives when their names were Pillsbury, Washburn, Lowry and Dayton. — Star Tribune, January 20, 2017

Banker body, preacher soul

The chief executive of U.S. Bank has become a powerful, persuasive force in the civic life of the Twin Cities. These days, if it’s a high-stakes moment for Minnesota, the chief executive of U.S. Bank is almost always in the middle of it. — Star Tribune,...