A light rail mass transit train crossing an intersection in Bloomington, MN.

Up at the Capitol, the debate surrounding transit funding continues. As legislators remain divided along party lines, we convened a 21-member study committee in an effort to push the conversation forward. The result? Our recent report analyzing the current transit system through the lens of governance, policy and funding.

Yesterday, the Star Tribune posted a great article summarizing some of our main recommendations. As stated in the article, we hope this report will “help break the logjam at the Legislature,” where partisanship and different interests continue to be barriers in advancing the discussion on financing the future of transportation. Read the article for more details.

According to our Executive Director, Sean Kershaw, there is widespread consensus that “we do not currently have a sustainable system for addressing long-term transit needs related to both workforce changes and aging.” Taking into account these challenges, among others, the report offers transit funding recommendations that are realistic and implementable for an ever-changing region and expanding transit system.