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This election season, we’ve seen the success of presidential candidates on both sides who would never have been the first pick of the so-called “party elite.” So what are the state of the two main political parties in America? Are parties and super PACs still relevant in the age of grassroots uprisings, and a million media messages? Host Steve Seel welcomed guests DFL’er Todd Rapp and Chas Anderson, Republican strategist, for a conversation about how this election season might permanently change how we think about American elections. “Policy and a Pint: Where’s The Party?”, Monday, March 14th.

Chas Anderson
Chas Anderson is Partner/Co-Founder of MZA&Co and has more than two decades of experience in the public and private sectors as an advisor on state policy, politics and corporate strategy and communications. Chas’ expertise flows from her work in politics and in state government as well as her efforts on behalf of corporate and non-profit clients.
Chas has served in various leadership roles in the Minnesota Legislature including as Executive Director of the Minnesota House of Representatives (2011-14) and for two governors including serving as Deputy Commissioner of Education for Governor Tim Pawlenty (2003-10). As Executive Director of the Minnesota House, Chas managed an organization with over 200 employees and directed the legislative appropriations process and decision making for the state’s two-year budget. In 2012, Chas was named “Top Legislative Staffer” by Politics in Minnesota and in 2001 received an award from the Minnesota Supreme Court for her work on improving access to the Judiciary. Chas earned a B.A., magna cum laude, from St. Cloud State University and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Todd Rapp
Todd Rapp serves as a President of Himle Rapp & Co. Prior to joining Himle Rapp, Mr. Rapp served as Director of Minnesota Government Affairs for Xcel Energy (formerly Northern States Power Company). In this role, he developed and managed company strategies for legislative affairs in the areas of energy, environmental and tax policy. Previously, Mr. Rapp served in a number of key positions in Minnesota government and politics. Mr. Rapp is a guest commentator on state and national public affairs for Minnesota Public Radio, and is often asked by the news media, private organizations and public entities to share perspectives on the current political environment in Minnesota and the United States.

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