Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet both rural and urban Minnesota residents face a variety of access barriers.
On Thursday, June 3 at 2:30 pm,  the Center for Rural Policy & Development (CRPD) and the Citizens League held the latest INTERCONNECTED, a series of candid conversations that bridge the divide between urban & rural Minnesota by exploring shared challenges.

This INTERCONNECTED conversation focuses on healthcare access in urban & rural areas. Watch below.

– Toby Freier – President, New Ulm Medical Center, Allina Health
– Mark Jones – Executive Director,  MN Rural Health Association
– Vayong Moua – Director, Racial & Health Equity Advocacy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN
– Kelly Asche – CRPD Research Associate, New London
When we talk about healthcare, cost is often the focus. But broader accessibility issues remain a challenge.
Both rural and urban residents encounter barriers to healthcare that limit their ability to obtain needed care. In both settings, healthcare services must be available and obtainable in a timely manner. And even when an adequate supply of healthcare services exists in the community, other factors, such as transportation and language barriers, can limit access.

About the Series
Minnesotans often use the phrase “rural-urban divide” when talking about the values and priorities that seem to differ across our state. But in reality, our challenges and opportunities are truly interconnected – though the solutions we design may look a bit different in Minneapolis compared to Mankato, or in Brainerd vs. Bloomington. This conversation series – hosted by the Center for Rural Policy and Development and the Citizens League – will bridge the divide between urban & rural Minnesota by exploring our shared challenges and how to design a future that works for our unique communities. Each event will begin with a look at CRPD’s latest research, followed by a panel discussion with speakers from urban and rural areas.