By Kalia Xiong, Capitol Pathways Program Manager

Citizens League’s Capitol Pathways program continues during the 2018 legislative session, where college students of color gain experience in and around Minnesota’s Capitol.

Interns came together this past Friday, March 16th for their second cohort meeting. The meeting opened with a debrief and sharing circle, which gave interns the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss highlights and challenges.

Interns received professional development training and worked on their communication and networking skills. Higher education consultant, Saby Labor (Founder, Resilient Campus) joined the meeting and facilitated a D.O.P.E assessment activity with the cohort. Through this activity, interns learned to better understand their personality type and communication style. They were also provided strategies on how to effectively communicate and navigate personality types in different environments.

Saby Labor facilitating a training on communication styles

The meeting ended with a discussion on strategies and best practices for networking in the following three scenarios: 1) networking in large events, 2) networking in a 1on1 setting and 3) networking at the Capitol. Binta Kanteh (Legislative Assistant, MN House of Representatives), joined us as a guest speaker and shared valuable advice and insight on networking and building connections in a fast-paced environment like the Capitol. A huge thank you to both our guest speakers!

We also thank everyone who made the time to join the social and meet our cohort! Our interns remain excited to meet you, hear about your career paths and love the opportunity to share their passions and aspirations. THANK YOU for your continuous support:


If you did not get the chance to join us for our social, there’s still time to meet to meet the cohort! We will be hosting two more socials during session. Save the dates below:

  • Friday, April 20, 4pm-5pm
  • Friday, May 18, 4pm-5pm

Stay updated with our Capitol Pathways website and connected on our Facebook and Twitter for program news and updates!

Capitol Pathways student Carmel San Juan (University of Minnesota; Intern site: ClearWay MN), Cameran Bailey (Metropolitan Council), and student Pele Văn Lê (University of Minnesota; Intern site: MN Council of Nonprofits)

Julia Eagles (Intern host, Xcel Energy) and student Jordana Palmer (Macalester College; Intern site: Xcel Energy)

Capitol Pathways student Juliette Emmanuel (St. Olaf College; Intern site: Immigrant Law Center of MN), Matt Privratsky (Fresh Energy), and student D’Andre Gordon (Hamline University; Intern site: MN Citizens for the Arts)

Capitol Pathways intern Jordana Palmer (Maccalester College; Intern site: Xcel Energy), student Katherine Santamaria-Mendez (University of Minnesota; Intern site: Second Harvest Heartland), and Emily Kaiser (Host, Second Harvest Heartland)

Sean Kershaw (Amherst H. Wilder Foundation) and Capitol Pathways student Jennifer Eng (Macalester College; Intern site: MN Department of Employment & Economic Development