The Citizens League is governed by a volunteer board of directors, people with different backgrounds and ideologies who guide and direct our work.

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These are pivotal times for the Citizens League, and the state and country as a whole. Amidst a global pandemic, the tragic loss of life in our communities of color, and the responding demonstrations, it is clear that we are witnessing the cumulative result of systemic racism and policies that work for, and are built for, some and not all. During crises like these, the failures in our systems are brought to light. The Citizens League’s mission is rooted in helping individuals see the powerful role they play in policy. We are committed to solving the problems that affect us and our communities in the months and years ahead, and we are looking for leaders to join us in this effort.

Since directors’ three-year terms are staggered, we have a certain number of board members who naturally term off each year, leaving available seats for the next year.

As part of the nominating process, our bylaws allow for any Citizens League member to be self-nominated or nominated by another Citizens League member:

Any current member of the Citizens League is eligible to be nominated for the Board of Directors. Nominations may be made either by another member of the Citizens League or by self-nomination. Nominations shall be directed to the Citizens League office and must be received no fewer than 60 calendar days before the annual election.

The nomination period is now open for the 2021-2023 board term! From now until July 14, we will be accepting nominations from current members who would like to nominate another member, or themselves.

Nominations will be delivered to the Nominating Committee in mid-July, who will review the list of candidates before submitting a recommended slate for a vote by the full board of directors, and the membership at our Annual Meeting on September 16th. 

Submit your nomination before July 14!