Dear Citizens League Family,

We are stunned and saddened by the death of George Floyd this week in South Minneapolis. Injustice, inequity, and unfair systems led to this tragic loss of life and we grieve for George and his family.
When policies and systems don’t work for everyone, the effects are prevalent and deeply felt in under-resourced and underrepresented communities. Meanwhile, these effects are often not seen, not acknowledged, and not experienced by other members of our communities. During a crisis like this, the failures in our systems are brought to light across the state, and indeed the entire country and world.
The Citizens League’s mission is rooted in helping individuals see the powerful role they play in policy. We all have a role in solving the problems that affect us and our communities. The Citizens League doesn’t have an answer – only that the answer lies within all of us. In our collective commitment to seeking an answer that works for all, we encourage you to constructively engage your elected officials on the problems, solutions, and perspectives you have that can inform and shape both the policymaking process and its outcomes.
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Minnesota faces big challenges – that has always been true. It is clear that we are witnessing a cumulative result of systemic racism and policies that work for, and are built for, some and not all. We believe the first step is owning these challenges, and realizing that we can all play a role in crafting solutions that work for everyone.
In Partnership,
Citizens League