We were pleased to hold our first cohort meeting last month with both remote and in-person options!

The students gathered to debrief about their internship experience so far, discussing what’s going well, what they’re learning, and the challenges ahead. We then held a resume and cover letter workshop, providing strategies and tips on creating the effective job application materials.

We then introduced the cohort to a panel of folks who hold nonpartisan research roles at the Capitol. Thanks to our panel for sharing their professional experiences: 

  • Ryan Inman: Revisor, Office of the Revisor 
  • Tim Strom: Legislative Analyst, House Research Department 
  • Joe Harney: Fiscal Analyst, House Fiscal 
  • Lindsey Bundgaard: Drafting Support Specialist, Senate Counsel, Research, and Fiscal Analysis 
  • Alexis Stangl: Lead Counsel, Senate Counsel, Research, and Fiscal Analysis

Our next cohort meeting will be held in March.