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Policy and A Pint®

For over a decade, we have partnered with Minnesota Public Radio’s 89.3 The Current to engage people in important conversations about public policy and issues in the news. These discussions feature different viewpoints on issues ranging from higher education to mental health, transportation to the environment. Attendees can expect to learn something new about a policy issue, and join the conversation by sharing their questions, thoughts and opinions.  Recent Policy and a Pint™ programs have included: “Re-inventing High Schools,” a look at how high schools can better prepare students for post-secondary education; “Talent Within Range,” a discussion on how Minnesota’s Iron Range can build and retain a strong workforce; and “Just Add Water,” an in-depth conversation on what the biggest threats facing Minnesota’s clean water, and what can be done. Policy and a Pint™ is sponsored by Target and the Bush Foundation.

Policy and a Pint™ Archive (click for a recap and audio of the program, if available)

June 29, 2017: Working to Live in Rochester

May 18, 2017: Talent Within Range: Bridging the Workforce Divide in Greater Minnesota

March 16, 2017: Re-inventing High Schools

October 5, 2016: Moving Our Mental Health System Forward

July 19, 2016: Next Generation Leaders: Young Minnesotans Serving in Public Office

April 26, 2016: Water, Water Everywhere, But…

March 14, 2016: Where’s the Party?

February 10, 2016: One Byte at a Time

November 2, 2015: Authenticity and the Search for ‘Real’ in Politics

August 20, 2015: From Lutefisk to Lake Street

April 1, 2015: May The Workforce Be With You

January 15, 2015: Buses, Bikes and Beyond

November 18, 2014: How will we take care of Mom? (recap)

September 30, 2014: Behind the Spin – Campaigns from the Inside

May 29, 2014: Class Dismissed: Unlearning Our Notions About Higher Ed (click here for video)

April 30, 2014: Bringing Back the Bees (click here for video)

February 25, 2014: The State of Education

January 20, 2014: Minnesota and Race in the 21st Century

December 16, 2013: Home is Where the Art Is

August 14, 2013: Uncivil Discourse: Comment Sections in the Digital Age

December 12, 2012: Theater of Public Policy

October 10, 2012: Entrepreneurship

August 27, 2012: The Looming Intergenerational War

July 16, 2012: Generation Debt

March 20, 2012: Whose Art is It, Anyway? (no audio)

November 14, 2011: Can Design Save the World?

October 12, 2011: I Have a Degree, Why Don’t I Have a Job?

July 12, 2011: Working for the Weekend

March 15, 2011: The Constitution

December 15, 2010: The Line Between News and Opinion

October 12, 2010: Rochester and the Talent Gap

June 17, 2010: Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around (no audio)

May 12, 2010: America, Heal Thyself (no audio)

March 25, 2010: The Culture of Food (no audio)

November 13, 2009: Our Citizen Obligations

October 8, 2009: The Elements of Education

September 18, 2009: No Impact Man

July 14, 2009: Addressing Other Threats

May 6, 2009: Think Globally, Eat Locally

April 14, 2009: The Budget Breakdown

November 4, 2008: Election Night Party

October 22, 2008: The Economic Meltdown

September 2, 2008: Youth & Politics

July 31, 2008: The Big Sort

July 10, 2008: The China Tradeoff

May 15, 2008: The Mortgage Meltdown

October 16, 2007: Death of Environmentalism

July 19, 2007: The Price of Gas

April 19, 2007: America’s Checkbook – Overdrawn

March 7, 2007: Health Care Handcuffs

December 6, 2006: Parent Trap

November 7, 2006: Election Night Party

July 13, 2006: Money and Political Campaigns

April 20, 2006: The Future of Minnesota’s Environment

October 24, 2005: Community and Catastrophe: Building the Best While Preparing for the Worst

August 8, 2005: Supreme Court Appointments

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