Quantum Civics Leadership Program

Quantum Civics Leadership Program

‘Civic leadership’ is and always has been dynamic. The community’s history, current public policy pressures, the politics of the day, and the personalities and priorities of the people who speak up rewrite the definition of civic leadership as needed to break through policy impasses of the day and find common ground.

The Citizens League recognizes every Minnesotan’s right and responsibility to be a civic leader. For more than half a century, the Citizens League has offered its members a variety of opportunities be leaders in the institutions where they live – workplaces, communities, congregations, schools, governing entities, etc.

Quantum Civics™, a two-part program, introduces members to the 21st Century policymaking model used by the Citizens League in its work today. Member participants in the program gain the perspectives, skills and base of support to help them achieve their policy goals.

The two sessions of Quantum Civics™ are offered, free of charge to Citizens League members.
Session 1, this session, introduces participants to the need for a new framework for civic/political leadership and action. It presents the framework, a rationale for its value, and connection between it and the participants’ lifework and leadership opportunities.

Session 2 introduces participants to the guidelines and skills of the new framework and covers specific examples of policy initiatives brought to the table by presenters and participants. (Session 2 dates will be communicated once scheduled.)

Find out more about how you can be an effective civic leader in the 21st Century.