Edina Race & Equity Task Force

To address what the City of Edina identified as long-term racial inequities in the community, the city council created an Edina-resident led Race and Equity Task Force in 2016 to identify, repair and prevent future disparate outcomes within the city. The Citizens League was selected through an RFP process to serve as a neutral convener on the project. We partnered with a facilitation team including Dr. Joi Lewis of Joi Unlimited and Alex Clark of TurnLane to work with the Edina resident-led Race and Equity Task Force. Working together with the task force, we conducted one-on-one interviews, community listening sessions, and an anonymous online survey.

While the Citizens League facilitated conversations and synthesized the findings into a report, the League did not contribute to final recommendations. Our contribution to this project was in the process of conducting the community engagement activities that led to the community-informed policy recommendations.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the final report from the Edina resident-led Race and Equity Task Force was presented to unanimously approved by the Edina City Council.


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