We have partnered with Studio/E and the Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota to launch ManyOne.

ManyOne brings together bipartisan pairs of Minnesota legislators to participate in Studio/E. Studio/E – an unique leadership program developed by Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese that helps leaders from all sectors learn how to utilize entrepreneurial practices in order to explore, launch and navigate new ideas that bring enhanced value to our communities.

Studio/E began in July 2012 and hundreds of Twin Cities leaders from the worlds of business, non-profits, health care, arts, faith-based institutions, and government have participated.

ManyOne was born of the idea that good thinking can come from anywhere on the political spectrum and that when legislators begin to know one another and collaborate beyond their political labels, a better operating culture will emerge. Out of many diverse ideas, a more common perspective and common ground can emerge — E pluribus unum.

Legislator members of ManyOne come from different parties, different experiences, and different points of view and all of this is encouraged. With ManyOne they can add an additional lens as to how they can better approach the challenges facing the citizens of Minnesota. The program shows that even in a time when the political parties are intensely divided, leaders from both major parties can go beyond political differences, find areas of common ground, and apply entrepreneurial and design thinking to make positive progress.

ManyOne is supported by the Phillips Family Foundations in partnership with the Citizens League. The program sponsors two legislators—one from each major party—in each Studio/E cohort. Two new cohorts start each quarter of the year.

Legislators who have completed the program include:

Senator Paul T. Anderson
Senator Michelle Benson
Senator Greg D. Clausen
Senator Kari Dziedzic
Senator Melisa Franzen
Senator Jeremy R. Miller
Senator Carla J. Nelson
Senator Eric R. Pratt
Senator Carrie Ruud
Representative Laurie Halverson
Representative Jon Koznick
Representative Fue Lee
Representative John Lesch
Representative Nick Zerwas
Senator Melissa Winklund

ManyOne will apply the tools of entrepreneurship to help create stronger bipartisan relationship and help Minnesota solve some of its most pressing issues.