Local Government Candidate Project

Why People are Running, Serving, or Stepping Down from Elected Office in the MSP Metro Area

Local elections continue to evolve with the rise of partisanship, demographic changes, and the lines of districts shifting to re-shape the future of millions. Citizens League is seeking to understand the dynamics and decisions that are shaping individuals’ choices to run for, remain serving, or step down from elected office. The goal is that by reviewing the political environment and understanding who is running for office and why, we as a community can envision and propose support systems for candidates and elected officials who want to and continue to be dedicated to governing with the people.

With this project, we acknowledge that while all candidates may hold certain positions or perspectives, ideology can’t be the only driver; candidates and current electees should govern with flexibility in policymaking, through constant dialogue with all their constituents, to achieve the purest form of democratic representation.

Through the summer of 2022, Citizens League will hold interviews, focus groups and collect relevant background which will result in a report that will be shared with community. The geographic parameters will be Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding first and second ring suburbs; with a focus on the positions of Mayor and City Council Members.

The League partnered with the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce in the conceptualization of this project, and the Chamber is providing funding in support of the work. Independently, the League will review the political landscape, conduct interviews and focus groups, and produce a report to share with community.

If you have any questions surrounding this project, please contact Citizens League Director of Public Policy Blanca Martinez Gaviña at bmartinezgavina@citizensleague.org.



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