Policy On Tap

A Citizens League Event Series

Season 1: Talking Trash

The Citizens League is launching a new event series that will feature robust policy conversations around one central theme. For our first season, we’re Talking Trash.

Very few of us know what happens after we leave our bins at the curb, take our stuff to a thrift store, or throw something in a bin at a restaurant. And the answer often depends on where that action happens.

It’s the epitome of “out of sight, out of mind.” And trash removal often is a heated policy debate (hello, St. Paul), even if you spend your days seeing if your stuff sparks joy.

The Citizens League is dedicated to robust conversations about policy and will convene four events to explore different aspects of the stuff we throw away.

All events are moderated by former MPR host Tom Weber, and are held at Amsterdam Bar & Hall (map | location details & parking). Each  event is $10 for general admission, $5 for students.

Policy On Tap Upcoming Events

December 2 – Sparking Joy and the World of Secondhand

We are in a moment where less is more (or at least better organized and more neatly folded). Marie Kondo’s book and TV series has people rushing to get rid of stuff, and business is booming at the local thrift store. But in truth, the secondhand industry is worldwide and it’s also big business.

As our parents age and we grapple with taking all their stuff, what are the policy implications around a generation of children discarding a lot at once, often in the secondhand stream?

The best way to address the trash thing is to not buy stuff that will one day be trash. Easy enough concept but what are ways to actually live that out?

Guest: Adam Minter, journalist and author of Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale (release date November 2019)


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