Through ManyOne, lawmakers think beyond their political labels and into a common future.

ManyOne is a group of lawmakers who have joined the greater Studio/E learning community of diverse leaders from all walks of life.  ManyOne members span the political spectrum and through this experience, they come to know one another on a first-name basis, adopt the practices of Exploratory Leadership and surround themselves with accomplished people who connect with them apart from their public sector identities.

ManyOne members don’t remove their party labels nor intentionally push themselves towards a moderating middle.  Rather, they gain additional creative tools and move ideas from a place of curiosity and possibility; beyond the adversarial design, they are normally constrained within. Great thinking can come from anywhere and anyone.  ManyOne unleashes that possibility and moves our community beyond Left and Right and into a more valuable direction: FORWARD.

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The Citizens League, a 501(c)(3), Federal I.D. #41-0722696, is a fiscal sponsor for Many One.