Citizens League’s Pahoua Hoffman speaks at Minneapolis Chamber Annual Meeting

We were proud that Pahoua was asked to be the keynote speaker at yesterday’s Minneapolis Regional Chamber Annual Meeting. Pahoua spoke about “the deficits of conversation” we tend to have in the business, professional, and policy spheres, especially at an event like an annual meeting.

“As leaders of companies and organizations, we all know we should be doing more to call out the need to make real and meaningful connections. But then we leave this lunch and go back to our jobs and find 10 emails to answer and 5 calls to make and we won’t do the thing unless we resolve to do the thing,” Pahoua said. “Sometimes it takes a fellow organization leader to stand before you to say it out loud. I’m happy to have that role today.”

She challenged attendees to a homework assignment: Leave today knowing something about someone else in this room that’s not on their business card or Linked-In profile.

We hope to get video from the Chamber to share with our members and supporters. In the meantime, here’s a sampling of what people were saying on social media: