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Workplace Programs

Our Workplace Policy Programs are offered to our Organization Members educate and inform employees on the critical policy issues of the day. Minnesota Leaders present and lead discussions on a number of timely topics.

The programs are…

  • Timely. What policy issues are people already talking or asking about? What’s in the news?
  • Interactive. Our workshops and presentations allow for significant audience participation, and many allow employees to contribute meaningfully to policy development.
  • Brief. Programs begin and end on time, and can occur at any time during the workday.
  • Constructive. Employees learn more about, and see their roles in addressing, public issues.

Past workplace policy programs include:

Civics, Policy and Politics

Active Citizenship: Quantum Civics Why are we ‘stuck’ when it comes to policy and civic leadership? Learn about a new approach to policymaking that recognizes a role for everyone.

At the Intersection of Policy and Politics What is happening in public policy and politics? What are the insiders saying and how will you be impacted?  The intersection of public policy and politics – and how it impacts people and businesses. Hear from people who served at the highest staff levels of government about what happens behind the scenes to drive and influence public policy.

The Courts and Democracy Join former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson for a highly engaging, interactive and informative session on the role of the judiciary in United States history and our democracy. Using history, philosophy, politics (and humor) Justice Anderson connects our past and our future through the lens of the courts in the United States.

News – Is it Fake? Is it biased? It is incomplete? Is there just too much of it? How is it we get totally different views of the same news stories, and it seems like some stories we really don’t hear at all? And how can I, as a consumer of news, be both informed and challenged by the news I consume? These are the questions that we tackle as we discuss the phenomenon known as “fake news”.

How Are Police Trained and Could it Be Better? Minnesota was among the first states to set statewide selection and training standards for all peace officers. Just what are the standards, and are they enough? What other ideas should be tried to be sure we have the best peace officers possible?

A View beyond Party Lines We bring in members of the print and broadcast media, or public affairs professionals, to discuss partisanship, policymaking, and election trends.


Facts Unfiltered How well do you really know your neighbors in Minnesota – and how will it look in the future? Hear the background behind some of the most talked-about topics in Minnesota: education, fiscal matters, health, the economy. What really matters as we plan for our state’s future?

The Graying of Minnesota We’ll discuss what the increase in Minnesota’s (and the nation’s) aging population means for our policies and individual decisions around workforce development, long-term care financing, and end-of-life decision making.


Minnesota’s Teacher Licensure System: Broken, but Not Beyond Repair In 2016, the non-partisan Office of the Legislative Auditor found that teacher licensing in Minnesota is confusing, broken, and in need of an overhaul. What potential changes could take place to improve, modernize, streamline, and clarify teacher licensure?

Reframing Post-Secondary Education Learn how the Citizens League is working to change a system oriented toward credits and degrees to one oriented toward learning, and implications for our future workforce.

Environment and Infrastructure

Don’t Get Run-Over by Driverless Cars Will new technology and services will force us to ask: how much and what kind of infrastructure will we need in the near future? Thomas Fisher, Director of the Minnesota Design Center at the University of Minnesota, leads a conversation about how to rethink our roads in the 21st Century.

How do you get to work? State transportation leaders discuss transportation modes and trends.

Taxes, Budgeting and the Economy

Common Cents: Budget Balancing or Tax Reform What values and priorities should our elected officials consider as they deal with short- and long-term solutions to fix our state budget crises?

Minnesota’s Role in International Trade With talk of Cuba opening for full trade opportunity, TPP, TTIP and other acronyms, do you wonder if international trade has an impact on Minnesota? Hear from the MN Trade Office on the thousands of companies and people in Minnesota directly impacted by international trade.

The Sharing Economy We see it in emerging services like Uber and Airbnb. What will it mean for commerce in the future?

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