Individual Membership


Citizens League Membership: Make a real difference in Minnesota

More than 40 percent of our funding comes from individual members. Join them in supporting the Citizens League today.

What you get:

  • Discounted or free admission to select events
  • Early access to policy publications
  • The opportunity to participate in Citizens League policy work and leadership development activities
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to common ground solutions in Minnesota


Individual and Household Membership

Click here for our donation page to become a member of the Citizens League


Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible.

You may also mail your membership contribution to:
Citizens League
213 East 4th Street, Suite 425,
St. Paul, MN 55101

If you have any questions about joining, contact Jacob Taintor at 651-289-1076 or

To find out about options for business/organizational membership, contact Jan Unstad at 651-289-1077 or

Business Membership

Civics@Work – business and organizational memberships

    • The mission of the Citizens League is to build civic imagination and capacity in Minnesota. Support from businesses, public agencies, and other organizations help us to achieve this mission. Whether it’s $250 or $25,000, this membership support, and the participation of your employees, helps the Citizens League to:
    • Develop high-quality, non-partisan, and innovative policy recommendations on the issues that matter most to Minnesota’s economic health and quality of life.
    • Develop the civic leadership skills of employees within these organizations and connect them to other leaders in the community.
    • Contribute to building and sustaining a strong civic culture in Minnesota.

Depending on the level of support, organizational membership can include:

    • On-site policy programs: Pizza and Policy programs that educate/inform employees on the critical policy issues of the day and introduce them to Minnesota’s leaders on these issues.
    • Civic leadership development: The opportunity to participate in our unique civic leadership development program: Quantum Civics™, a five-session program.
    • Recognition at events, in our newsletter, on our website, and in other publications.
    • Opportunities for individual involvement: On-site events and conversations are an opportunity to promote the benefits of individual memberships, which start at just $25 and provide additional opportunities for employees to learn about issues and contribute to our work.
    • Sponsorship of broader Citizens League events: We reach current and emerging policy leaders with events that are informative, engaging, interactive – and fun. Events can be focused on a particular policy topic or opportunity, or open to a broader audience like our Annual Civic Celebration. Sponsors are featured on our website and in all event promotions.
    • The membership structure differentiates between large (over 100 people locally), and small businesses. Basic membership for a business or nonprofit of any size is $250/year.

To find out about options for business/organizations membership, contact Jan Unstad at
651-289-1077 or


Sponsorship Opportunities

Why sponsor events and policy projects  with the Citizens League? 

Benefit to the Citizens League: Corporate and organizational sponsorships help the Citizens League fulfill our mission to build civic imagination and capacity in Minnesota.

Your support for our events and policy programs allow us to engage a broad range of Minnesotans across backgrounds
and ideologies to solve problems facing our state.

Benefits to you: Sponsorships provide you with:

Community Visibility: Your sponsorship is listed on our website, in all related event promotional materials, e-communications to our mailing list of more than 7,000 addresses, on our social media channels, which have over 5,000 followers, and in our annual report. Policy project sponsors receive additional exposure in policy reports and press releases.

Employee and Client Access: Citizens League sponsors can invite employees and clients to sponsored events, with preferred seating, and can encourage employee representatives to participate in sponsored projects.

In-Kind Donation Opportunities:

  • Meeting locations and event space
  • Promotional opportunities: on-air, print, etc.
  • Printing services
  • Food for meetings and events
  • Gift cards, sporting and cultural event tickets, and similar items for member drive incentives
  • We welcome any other ideas you may have!

Policy Project Sponsorships:

Developing Policy to Promote Electrical Energy Efficiency ($5,000-$20,000 levels available) – The Citizens League is convening citizens and key stakeholders to prioritize and develop policy recommendations to promote electrical energy efficiency, and determine what systems-level changes will be needed to make this practical in the long term. Current sponsors include University of Minnesota – Energy Management, District Energy, Xcel Energy, and Target. Total project cost for this phase is $68,000.

Higher Education: Improving Choices and Optimizing Time (410,000-$50,000 levels available) – The Citizens League will undertake projects to help individuals improve their career and educational choices and optimize their time in the post-secondary system based on conclusions from a member-led committee. These projects include, a website that combines existing data to help college-bound individuals understand the financial implications of their educational and career choices; Removing Biases Against Career and Technical Education, a project which will help students interested in career and technical education make more informed choices and reduce overall costs; and a Higher Education Reform Roundtable, a convening led by the Citizens League to coordinate efforts, share information, and provide support to multiple organizations involved in higher education reform. Current sponsors include 3M, Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation, and the Bush Foundation. Total cost for all project components is $160,000.

Pathways to Prosperity: Establishing Family Independence Demonstrations ($10,000-$50,000 levels available) – After concluding that many poverty reduction policies react to poverty, rather than support prosperity, the Citizens League is working with community partners to provide evidence of a new approach to poverty reduction. With these partners, we are building approaches that develop family networks to directly build human capacity. Groups of families who set authentic goals with each other, report on progress/barriers toward goals, and achieve those goals will build connections and community networks for ongoing independence and prosperity.

Property Tax Comparison Study ($5,000-$50,000 levels available) – Each year through 2008, the Citizens League produced three highly useful property tax studies: the Residential Homestead Property Tax survey, the Tax Increment Financing report and the Fiscal Disparities Report. These reports were sought and studied by legislators, city governments, and realtors. To reprise the property tax survey for the years 2009-2012, total project cost is $50,000.

Contact Director of Advancement Jan Unstad at 651-289-1077 or to find out more.

Gift Membership

Give the gift of Citizens League membership!

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

“I made a planned gift to the Citizens League because they are always part of my annual giving and to me, it is just common sense. The organizations that I care about in life are the ones that I want to help after my death. It’s part of good financial planning and its helps to thank and acknowledge the hard work of the extended web of people that help create good policy for our community.”

– Sue Herridge

“Phyllis and I have only limited resources, so we place a high priority on achieving the maximum amount of community service we can with our charitable dollars. Fortunately, we know our contributions to the Citizens League provide a maximum return in community betterment for the dollars invested. Therefore the League is at the top of our list for annual giving, among charities we include in our wills, and in two Charitable Remainder Trusts I set up a few years back.”

– Cal Clark

“I feel as if I’m 25. However, when my Medicare application arrived, I was reminded I’m not! Some things should endure — for example, the Citizens League. In a democracy, there will always be a need for thoughtful discussion, innovative problem-solving, and this state’s leadership. That’s why we’ve made sure our estate plans highlight the Citizens League.”

– Jean King

“I recently listed the Citizens League as a beneficiary on my retirement plan. It was a very easy process and took me all of ten minutes, and over the life of my retirement plan, it won’t make or break my family’s stability.

“To have a healthy community, I believe we need to have different perspectives represented and respected. For me, that dialogue is a big part of what the Citizens League is about and why I enjoy working here. Making this commitment ensures that I’ll be able to continue to support an organization I care about, even when I’m gone.”

– Cat Beltmann, Membership and Engagement Manager, Citizens League

Have you considered the Citizens League in your estate plans? For more information, contact Jan Unstad, Director of Advancement, at or 651-289-1077.